Nikkita Fox


In pro boxing in British Columbia, Nikkita Fox is the top round card girl. And yes, her real name is Nikkita Fox.

She says, "My role as card girl is to enter the ring and display the upcoming round number and maintain the energy and entertainment level while the fighters rest. There is only one minute between rounds. I've got 40 seconds to do my job."



Nikkita is pursuing acting. She appears in the "round card girl" role in "Sparky vs. Rocco"—a film recently shot in Vancouver. The film stars a circus clown and is a short comedy revolving around a boxing match with a twist of David and Goliath. It released to cable television and worldwide film festivals during the Summer and Fall of 1998.

Nikkita has appeared in several editions of Fighting Females magazine, making her debut in the Spring 1997 issue which featured the introductory story on Women's Tag Team Boxing. "The Fighting Championship" poster (below) features Nikkita and you can purchase an autographed copy from us.



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